Wednesday, August 30

Mondesi's troubles and other news from the DR

Former MLB player Raul Mondesi and current congressman for his native San Cristobal is jumping from trouble to trouble.

In his first assembly day he gave a declaration that he will play baseball in the winter with Escogido, but he is not playing or training.

Last monday at a local club he was involved with a journalist, the journalist complaints that Mondesi threaten him to "broke his mouth" because of some comments he made in his program.

Mondesi is also accused of not paying the electrical bill in one of his business in San Cristobal.

I guess he we will give us plenty to write about in the next four years.

Night game to start earlier

Due to the new government resolution that not alcoholic beverage can be sold after 12:00pm on weekdays baseball games will start at 7:30pm instead of 8:00pm