Sunday, October 31

Oh Sammy! Shut up please.

Rob at 6-4-2 links to a story about Sammy recent comments to Hoy on his intentions to stay a cub and his plans to keep playing.

Who does Sammy think he is? is he bigger than the rest of his teammates? Is he bigger than the great city of Chicago?, I'm beginning to think that in his mind he sure thinks so.

The Cubs had the chance to win the wild card, but they blew it, I'm not saying it was Sammy's fault, it was the whole team fault, but they must play as a a team, Mr. Sosa in the last game left earlier, and lie about it, that's an insult to his teammates, fans and the team.

If he was injured he must stayed in the dugout, at least for respect to his fans.

In the interview he complains about been dropped to #6 in the batting order, well Sammy you were in a slump, he complains about the fans booing him, well, wait until next season if you're stlll a Cub and you will hearing some serious boos.

Sammy's upset with Dusty Baker, some fans and the press, for what, for telling the truth?

Sammy admits that he did wrong in leaving before the game was over, but he never thought it will cause so much trouble.

"If I'd imagine this, I'd play, even that I was not in conditions to play" said Sammy in the interview. Sosa told the reporter that he felt too tired at the of the season. (he's not the only one)

"I thought that this would not be an issue due to my story with the team and the kind of player I am"


mmorgaine said...

Hey Raul, Rob pointed me over here. Nice site, and nice job reporting on the Sosa issue. It's a story with a lot of interest for Cubs fans, as I'm sure you know.

-Helen, Rob's wife

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