Saturday, June 12

Me against the world

All the people that surrounds me follows a different team, me, I follow the Dodgers, Angels, Red Sox, Toronto and sometimes the Cubs, my wife likes the Braves just because she went to Turner Field a couple of year ago, in the Dominican Winter Leagues I follow Licey, the Follows Escogido, it's like the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

My best friend loves the Yankees, I hate the Yankees and every NY sport team, he likes the Lakers and I hate the Lakers since the Larry Bird era, he also follows Escogido here.

In last year AL series we were in a sport bar watching the 7th game of the Yankees-Red Sox series, you all know the story, so I had to pay the tab...

We never rooted for the same team until this February that we were rooting for the Dominican team in the Caribbean Series.

Well, tomorrow at 8:00pm ET we will root for the same team again, for different reasons of course, me because I like the Dodgers, he, because he hates Pedro.

Tomorrow and Mondays newspapers will cover a lot of Sunday night game, the game will be watched by half the country, and me and my friend will be the only two rooting against Pedro, It will be fun to root against him.

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sarah said...

Fue un serie divertido. Estoy felíz porque los Medias Rojas fueron los ganadores - pero los Dodgers son un equipo bueno tambien. Lo siento porque mi español es mierda! Anyway, it was a fun game to watch tonight - lots of good plays on both teams. Izturis is a great shortstop. I'll be rooting for the Dodgers when they play the Yankees next week!!! - sarah