Saturday, October 30

Dominican Winter League: Week 1

Now that baseball in the US is over, let's focus on what's going on in the Caribbean, the tournament just started, just six game had been played, teams are playing with lot's of rookies, seems like watching AA baseball, here's a look of what's going on here.

Santo Domingo teams Licey and Escogido are playing like they if they did not want to win at all, with few regulars on rosters but lot's of prospects.

Licey have a combination of Erick Aybar (Angels) and Hansley Remirez (Red Sox) in 2B and SS, Ramirez allready have 2hr in the season and had played solid defense along with Aybar, in CF they have Cubs prospect Felix Pie, a speedy batless player so far.

Carlos Perez, ex-Dodger made his debut, trying to come back to major's next year, he pitched a 2 quality innings a couple of nights ago.

Raul Mondesi debut

Aguilas fans were surprised last night when Raul Mondesi was included in the roster and played, apparently he want's to show he can still play, can he?... let's see how many game he plays before he quits the team.

Standings as October 30, 2004

Aguilas 5-1
Gigantes 3-3
Azucareros 3-3
Estrellas 3-3
Licey 2-4
Escogido 2-4

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Christopher said...

Do you know any links to english websites about the dominican winter league? I'm suffering through withdrawal and would like to pay more attention to the Caribbean leagues this winter.