Friday, May 28

Mondesi signed by Angels

According to Raul Mondesi and a report by AP in Santo Domingo, According to the report Raul signed a 1 year 1.75 contract and will made his debut on Sunday in CF against Chicago.

The Angels spokeman could not denied or confirm the report.

The presence of several Dominican and other Latin players on the Angels' roster helped him make his final decision, he said.

"Jose Guillen has been my friend since childhood because we grew up together in the same town," Mondesi said. "I get along very well with Bartolo Colon, Vladimir Guerrero, Ramon Ortiz and Venezuelan Kelvim Escobar was my friend in Toronto."

Well, prepare to see Guillen, Guerrero and Colon eating sancocho and staying late along with Mondesi.

Apprently my yesterday report was accurate, but remember Mondesi is a liar, let's wait for a official report.

Good luck to the Angels, I won't root against them, but Mondesi did not deserve to be signed.

Poor Mondesi kids, they'll have to walk to school

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