Tuesday, January 4

Baseball, blackouts and flying objects

Yesterday was the second date of the Dominican Winter League playoffs or Roundrobin.

The first day, on Sunday the Licey-Aguilas was suspended due to rain and in San Francisco Gigantes beat Estrellas 4-5. Julio Franco for the loosing cause was 4 out of 3 with 2hr and 3 rbi's, and remember Franco is 40 something (his real age is a mystery).

Licey 4 Gigantes 0
Santo Domingo, Estadio Quisqueya.
WP: Manny Aybar 1-0
LP: Damian Moss 0-1

Manny Aybar pitched six inning of only one hit off the bat of Julio Ramirez. Timo Perez was 2-1, with to BB and 3 R, Eric Byrnes 4-2, with 1 2B and a hit, and D'Angelo Jimenez had a good night with the bat ending a really bad slump.

Licey have a MLB Team.

Licey a really offensive team, in the outfield they have Timo Perez, Erick Byrnes and Jose Guillen, Vladimir Guerrero is nursing a finger he got hurt diving for a ball in the OF.

Carlos Peña 1b
D'Angelo Jimenez 2b
Cristian Guzman SS
Ronnie Belliard 3b
David Ross C

in the bench they a few other MLB players and former MLB.

The game with the flying objets.

In San Pedro, home of the most MLB players in the world the lights went out 4 times, yes 4 times, a disputed call in first base and the blackouts led to a fans protest and that almost forfeit the game for Estrellas, the home team.

Julio Franco had to address the fans to try to calm them, the game was 8-0 in favor of Aguilas and it was postponed due to Electrical problems in the stadium.

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