Thursday, January 6

Licey won again, David Ross the hero

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Licey is now 3-0 after defeating Estrellas 6-3 in Estadio Quisqueya, David Ross hit a 3 run Hr in the 4th inning and rookie pitcher Eddy Ramos survived a shaky first inning alowwing 2 runs, he allowed just 1 in the remaining of his outing.

The David Ross Success.

Entering the playoffs the Licey pitching staff was the biggest concern, with a regular starting pitching staff that had only Manny Aybar with success in the regular season, the bullpen was not ok, but after Ross took over in the finals games of the regular season and in the playoffs Licey pitching staff has been very good, the starting pitching has allowed just 4 er in 16 IP.

Ross in the at bat that he hit the HR received an standing ovation from some fans after hitting a foul ball, but behind in the count 1-2 hit a big hr over the right field wall, flying over a Ad in the wall.

I hope he continues hisgood work behind the plate so he can go to spring training in great shape.

Kendry Morales back in line up.

Kendry Morales, Los Angeles Angels of AAAAAhnaheim prospect is back in the line up since Monday night, Tuesday night, he hit and rbi double and a hit.

Gigantes 7 Aguilas 6

Jose Reyes hit an 2 rbi single in the 7th, he went 5-4. Miguel Tejada and Tony Batista hit hr's for the loosing cause.

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