Friday, January 21

Aguilas in, Licey still fighting to get into the finals.

If Licey wins today against Estrellas will get into the finals, if they loose they'll have to play Aguilas tomorrow, and a combination of a Licey defeat and a win by Estrellas will lead to a tie, and who'll play Aguilas in the finals will be decided in a extra game.

Licey is loosing as I write this 3-0 against Estrellas, Pedro Astacio is pitching for Estrellas and Ramon Ortiz for Licey.

David Ross released.

Dodgers catcher David Ross was released yesterday, he struggled at the plate and behind the plate, he was not popular at all with Licey Fans.

I'll have more updates later, I have this terrible flu that had kept me in bed for 2 days.

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Anonymous said...


Congrats on your blog being mentioned in the LA Times today.

Sure, it was in TJ Simers' column, but still... :)

You're doing good work. Keep it up.

-- Terry A.