Wednesday, January 5

Dominican Winter League Playoffs update

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The Playoffs are on in the Dominican Winter League.

On Sunday Gigantes beat Estrellas 4-3 with Jose Reyes the more notable in
the winning cause, Julio Franco hit 2hr and 3 rbi for the lost cause.

In Santiago, the game between Licey and Aguilas was suspended due to

Monday January 4 2005

Licey 4 Gigantes 0

Manny Aybar pitched 6 scoreless innings and allowed only 1 hit with 7 SO.
Timo Perez went 4-3 and made a spectacular catch in CF.

Damian Moss took the loss for Gigantes.

Blackouts and flying objects in San Pedro.

In San Pedro de Macoris, home of the most MLB players in the world went
crazy on Monday night, behind four blackouts and a questionable call at
first base when Luis Polonia was called safe and later Miguel Tejada hit
a 3run HR the fans went wild and begging throwing bottles and all kind of
objects to the field.

The game was later suspended with Aguilas leading 8-0 in the 4th inning.
The game will continue the next available game.

Last night the game at San Francisco between Aguilas and Gigantes was
postponed due to rain, now Aguilas will have to play 18 consecutive
games, 3 against Licey this weekend.

In San Pedro, Licey won 8-1 over Estrellas when the Licey offensive waked
up hitting 4 homeruns (Jose Offerman, Eric Byrnes, Manny Martinez and
Ronnie Belliard).

Luis Martinez, who was the player involved in the Vladimir Guerrero
trade, was the loosing pitcher, and Atlanta's Juan Cruz won allowing 3
hits in 6 IP.

Vladimir Guerrero was in not in roster because his nursing a bad nail, he
injured while diving for a ball and got aggravated during batting

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