Friday, January 7

Alex Rodriguez donations, he messed up again!

Alex Rodriguez came to the Dominican Republic, home of his parents, not his country to donate $50,000.00 in the name of UNICEF for educational purposes in Yaguate, a poor town of San Cristobal, south of Santo Domingo. link (Spanish)

Alex gave a beautiful speech of how Dominican he is, that he loves the country and blah, blah blah, but suddenly he looked back and pointed to the Dominican flag and he said " I love this...." Looking at the flag and then approaching someone near him and asking "how do you say flag in Spanish?" , then he said "I love the big Dominican flag, the biggest of the country" said A-Rod.

After the ceremony was over and the National Anthem was played he stood for a couples of seconds apparently not knowing the National Anthem was over.

Apparently he was supposed to give a press conference but left the place in an SVU and the press was left with the mics on their hands, so was the Gillete company who have a campaign here with Alex.

I think is a good gesture from Alex to donate to the poor here in the DR, it's also great that he came and played golf at Casa de Campo, but please don't come here to rub in our faces your 50 grand while you donate to the University of Miami US$ 3.9 millions to support a poor university in a poor country like the US.

Alex have to stop this nonsense of trying to be nice to Dominicans, he's not Dominican no matter what he says, he does not feel like one, he does not talk like one, just see the example, 50,000 vs 3,900,000 that tells you all.

For me he's not Dominican, I know he does not care of what I think or many others in this country.

He's a great player, he must be a great person, but not a great Dominican, so please stop trying to act or pretend to be one, no one will judge you for that.


Anonymous said...

Hey Raul, gracias por email que me enviaste... pero no me llamo Henry hermano... me llamo Huascar y vine a tu website de una vez y lei el articulo de Alex Rodriguez y ese tipo me da asco loco y puso algo sobre el articulo en mi blog y el link tuyo bueno cuidate.

Ruse on Fire said...

Hey good comment man, this is great stuff, I hate A-Rod because he is so stuck up about himself. Good post.

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Anonymous said...

Hola, lamentablemente, Alex es una persona que no ha experimentado la necesidaded que hemos pasados nosotros los Dominicanos que si hemos vivido en nuestra tierra y por eso Alex actuo de la manera en que lo hizo. Estoy muy de acuerdo con tu articulo... Buen Trabajo... Hay que poner en su sitio a la jente BABOSA como Alex.

Anonymous said...

Hey I read your comment about Alex and i wanted to tell you something. Let him be what he wants to be do not attack him to mucho because you will become someone worst than the person you are talking about. Alex doesn't need to prove nothing to us dominicans. Leave him alone

Anonymous said...

Hey great article about alex, la verdad es que hemos apoyado a alex en toda su carrera y el no ha sido agradecido al carino dominicado, asi k we dont need alex`s money, ese tipo es una mierda.