Saturday, January 29

Licey still alive, spoiled Aguilas celebration plans

Aguilas was planning to celebrate last night, everything was set on the street of Santiago, and if you looked at Licey record in Santiago 1-9 before last night you should have reasons to prepare your celebration, they were counting with Bartolo Colon to lead them to victory, in a game with lots of alternatives Licey won 10-9 over Aguilas to extend the series to Santo Domingo.

Bartolo Colon is getting Bigger!

Apparently Bartolo Colon has not been working out this winter, he looks like a softball player, his belly looks like is going to blowout his uniform and the letters will explode with every movement he makes, I think weight problems will shorten his career. For a picture click here.

Erick Byrnes Living la vida loca

Oakland's OF Erick Byrnes is having a great time here in the Domininan Republic, he's not doing any different things that Dominican Players do, but he's really struggling in the game, here's Eric outside of a Santo Domingo night club.

Eric has been a great player for Licey in the last 4 seasons, but in the finals he seems to forget how to hit, but he's not the only one in Licey.

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