Saturday, January 8

I almost forgot how much I hate Lima

It was Lima time at Estadio Cibao in Santiago last night when Jose Lima and Aguilas beat Licey 4-3.

Lima was a pleasant surprise for the 2004 Dodgers and I was beggining to like him and at one point I liked him, but to be honest Lima is a very annoying person, specially if he's pitching against your team and in national television grabbing his genital and yelling to fans "aqui hay cojones" among other pretty words.

Back to the game, he pitched a great game and Aguilas won over Licey 4-3 and Licey lost for the fisrt time in the playoffs.

This was the only game of the night, today Licey and Aguilas will meet againg but in Santo Domingo and on Sunday in Santiago.

He are the standings so far:

Licey 4-1
Aguilas 2-1 *
Gigantes 2-2
Estrellas 0-4

Aguilas have 2 suspended games pending to play.

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