Friday, January 14

Call Raul a liar, it's easier

First let me point out that I'm not defending Raul Mondesi, I'm defending the source of that story, Mr. Enrique Rojas, I don't know Mr. Rojas in person, only from his work on TV and other media. He's a writer for and a AP stringer for the Dominican Republic, every sport news that come out of the DR is because of Enrique.

Yesterday's story from AP stated that Mondesi had a deal with the Braves, but a Braves spokeman denied it, then Rob said the he lost his mind, and Jon compared him with Darryl Strawberry, of course, with a big difference. They had their reasons, Mondesi has not help his cause at all.

So today the Braves are announcing the Raul Mondesi deal.

So I ask my self, who's to blame? Raul for telling to soon, or the Spokeman for not knowing what he's saying?

I've posted several news here that at the time were unknown in the U.S. Media, the source of course, AP and Enrique Rojas, like when he was going to sign with the Angels.

But is easier to blame the complicated player and the reporter from the small country instead of the spokeman for the big team.

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