Thursday, January 13

Attn: Angels GM... Bartolo Colon to play, Vladimir to re-join Licey

Can someone please tell the Angels GM that Bartolo Colon will pitch with Aguilas this coming Sunday against Licey, and that Vladimir Guerrero is taking batting practice and might re-join Licey at least for the final games of the playoffs.

Colon is going to make his 2004-2005 debut on Sunday against Licey at Estadio Cibao in Santiago.

Last year Anaheim did not gave permission to Colon to pitch, but this year did. I just hope the GM knows about this and don't make a fool of him self again by denying knowledge of this.

Vladimir Guerrero can grab a bat, and is using it!

Vladimir will play at least for the last games of the playoffs, according to a article on today's Listin Diario.

Licey was 0-4 in games that Vladimir played, let's hope if he plays that the team doesn't go in the loosing track again.

His agent in the DR gave those declaration before leaving to LA with Guerrero, he said that the Angels were told of the injury situation and that the players is 85% ready.

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