Sunday, January 30

Jose Guillen, worth waiting, led Licey victory over Aguilas

Jose Guillen always said that he wanted to play for Licey, fans kept waiting most of December, finally he plays but a wrist injury kept him from playing the final games of the semi-finals, he shows up for the finals, and he's playing to his potential, last night he was 5-3, with a 3-run Hr and 5 rbi's to lead Licey to a 12-8 victory over Aguilas and forced a decisive game 7 today at 5:00pm at Estadio Cibao, home of Aguilas in Santiago north of Santo Domingo.

Yesterday's game was full of alternatives, with both teams changing the lead several times, but Licey with the Guillen's 3-run hr in the 7th inning broke a 8-8 tie to give his team a lead they'll never lose again.

Estadio Quisqueya was full from side to side and in the streets, bars and colmadones everyone was watching the game.

Carlos Perez despite allowing to earn runs in the 7th gave Licey relievers a rest, Jorge Sosa, the closer, pitched 2.1 innings the night before, and Yhency Brazoban was out of roster for some unknown reason.

At the beginning of the series everyone was giving Aquilas as the big favorite, but after Guillen and Luis Castillo joined the team it is a different perspective, now they can compete with Aguilas, suddenly Licey remebered how to use the bat.

Jose Lima came in relieve last night, but had to shut his big ugly smile after giving 2 hits to the two batters he faced

Tonight's game

Julian Tavarez against Juan Cruz, every available arm will follow them.

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