Monday, March 29

Are Dominican Players selfish?

In a recent search I found a forum about Dominican Players DR1 Forum and this person ask if despite the fact that are many stars from this country they are not "Team Players", reading into the forum I found out that this person is a METS fan and this was write somewhere around the end of 2001 and he's frustrated about the performance of Armando Benitez and Timo Perez.

Well, writing from my mind I Recall the 1990 world series MVP in the name of Jose Rijo, 1981 in Pedro Guerrero, and many other players are key players on their teams.

I read often DR1 news trumpeting the achievements of Dominican baseball players in the Major Leagues. But when you look at the final 4 teams this year, the top(so-called) Dominican players are not present. Sosa, Martinez, A-Rod, Tejada, Guerrero, Soriano, Mondesi are all sitting home. Which brings me to my next point.

It is my contention that while these players put up big numbers, they don't do enough of the little things that help the TEAM be successful. Things like bunting, or hitting behind runners, Good defense. They also don't perform well under pressure.

there's an old saying "You don't get off of the island by bunting"

Id like to hear the groups thoughts on this.

I will like to hear your comments on this...

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