Monday, March 29

Luis Castillo a story to tell.

Four years ago, after he had become an established player, Luis Castillo scouted the Dominican Republic capital of Santo Domingo for what he called, "a normal house." Nothing grand. But nothing like the one he grew up in with no running water and four beds piled in each of the two bedrooms.

He showed his parents a house he found and, when they liked it, bought it for them.

"That made me feel happy, to give them that," the Marlins' second baseman said.

Luis Castillo, second base for the Florida Marlins like the 99% of Dominican Players come from extreme poverty, and like many Dominicans dreamed of having his own house, for middle class people here owning an apartment or a house is like and impossible goal, to give and example, the vehicle we own cost now the same amount we pay for apartment almost 2 years ago. But back to the Story, Luis Castillo bought homes for most of his family in the Dominican Republic.

Castillo is not a superstar like A-rod or Miguel Tejada, he's one of my favorite players, he plays every winter with Licey Tigers and he plays hard, he helped Licey won the last championship, he's a role model for players here.

Congratulations for his new contract, he deserved it, and good luck this season.

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