Tuesday, March 23


Out of the Dogout

Sammy's Sosa assistant won't be able to be in the dogout and restricted areas. Julian Martinez is Sosa's assistant and is paid by Sammy Sosa, Martinez is a ex player from the Cardinals organization, he never made it to the big leagues.

Ageless Franco
Julio Cesar Franco is not willing to getold, at least not in the field, he made his debut in 1982 with Cleveland, his true age is a mistery, but he really looks in shape and apparently steroid free.

Dodgers Odalis Perez has just allowed 1 run in 15 innings this spring. This should make him a more desirable pitcher in others teams wishing list or a passport to stay with the Dodgers and trade Ishi.

Angels in the outfield.
The Angels will have 2 of the outfieldes fron the Dominican Republic, José Guillen and Vladimir Guerrero, both with strong arms.

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