Tuesday, March 2

No baseball on TV for Dominicans

For Dominicans baseball is like pain medicine they take to forget about all of their problems.
Every day lots of people goes to betting agencies to bet on teams, some people make a living of it and some lose a lot of money, watching Pedro Martinez pitch or watch any MLB game on TV, for the last couple of years we had on national TV games 5 or 6 days per week.

Today Dominicans are having the news that there not going to be games on national TV because the company that had purchased the rights owes US$ 2.0 to MLB. The biggest bank here tried to negotiate a deal but the price was to high.

So now, if you don't have cable, (and by the way only have. METS, BRAVES and CUBS games) or satellite you will have to go to a Sport bar to see the games.

Let's hope some deal can be arranged before season starts so many Dominicans can watch their favorite players.

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