Tuesday, March 2

Adrian Beltre: “This will be my big year”

Manny Mota, the Dodgers coach is doing some interviews for a local newspaper, i made the translation the best i could, so here it is.

Interviewed by Manny Mota in Vero Beach in a special report for El Caribetalks about his goals for the 2004 season.

Adrian Beltre has nothing but great expectations for this season. He’s confident that this will he’s performance year, during an interview with Manny Mota Beltre acknowledge that consistency will be the primary goal for him, he also said he had all the conditions to hit 30 or 40 homeruns.

Q&A with Manny Mota.

You’ll be a free agent next year; Do you think this will your final chance to prove the Dodgers that you are what they are expecting from you?
This will be an important year for me, because at the end of the year I have to make the decision to leave or stay. I already have 6 years in the league; it’s time I show the things I can do. This will be the most important year of my career.

Do you think you can start the season as you finished last season?
Yes, I’ve been working in little things to have my swing at the same rhythm during the whole season, and I hope this will help me be more consistent.Do you think you have the maturity and experience to achieve this?Yes, I think I have enough time in the league to know what I want to do.

What is your goal for the 2004 season?
Consistency, that’s my goal.

Do you feel you have the skills to bat cleanup?
Yes, if they put me there I’ll do my best, I’ve done it before and did pretty good, so I hope that if I get the chance again I can prove it.

Some people think your problem is mental and not mechanical, what do you think about it?
I don’t think so, I’m very positive every time I go to the home plate, every time I try to get a hit; either is the first or second half of the season.

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