Monday, March 15

Pedro doesn't hate the Dodgers anymore

I will consider pitching for any team, even for the Dodgers, i had sore feelings, i must put them apart because i know things are diferent now.

Pedro Martinez gave an interview to Dodgers coach Manny Mota, Pedro talked about his contract negotiations and asked if he'll consider pith for the Dodgers this was his answer.

Manny Mota: If one of the teams is LA, Will you come back to the Dodgers?
I can't say i would consider it, because the people in the team are diferent now, people that remains in the team are good people, the people that really helped me, so i won't mind coming back to the Dodgers.

Manny Mota: Wearing a Boston uniform, does that give you some nostalgia?
I would like to accomplish all of this in a Dodger uniform, but that's life and you can't predict the future, let's see what happens.

He also send a message to the Yankees that winning is on the field, not on the roster.

I don't think he'll wear Dodgers Blue again, he was hurt when he was traded and the way they told them
Pedro Martinez interview for CDN

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