Monday, March 22

Happy Birthday Campo las Palmas

17 years later... More than 30 Dominican Players in MLB Rosters and more than 10 of other countries is the balance of the academy.

"Our results in the education of these young boys that helps him to serve the community give us much satisfaction", said Rafael Avila, founder of Campo las Palmas".

"We have the honor to count with Mans with great value in the Baseball business, but also have formed Mans that acknowledge the importance of being in this camp", he added. Avila Pointed out that he have in his office three graduated thesis from 3 ex-Campo las Palmas that did no made it in Baseball but succeeded in the education field.


Not only Dominican have worked and developed in this academy, some interesting stories have been tod about Ex-Doger Mike Piazza, Mike's dad is a close friend of the O'Malleys, and he asked them to help Mike become a Baseball Player, Piazza worked in Campo las Palmas very hard along very poor kids, he was a bullpen catcher for licey in the winter and work in the academy in the summer.
This according to some stories from some sports writters a few years ago.

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