Monday, April 12

Fallen idols

Just because a player or manager is from my country I must like him, I have the right not to like them; Just because Felipe Alou is the manager if the San Francisco Giants I have to like the Giants, in fact I hate the Giants, I don't hate Felipe but I hope they finish dead last in the NL West.

The case here is Pedro Martinez, Pedro have a bad relationship with the Boston media, the same media that publish his stories so fans can know about his performances.

Here in the Dominican Republic when Pedro pitches well he makes all headlines in sport sections as "Pedro El Grande" but when he have a bad outing like a human being the press tries to make excuses for him, that's not right.

Pedro is a great person and makes big contributions to his hometown but he have an attitude problem, and his mouth will keep getting him in problems, he just don't know when to shut it.

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