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No, No, No, NO F...... way, it's a bad precedent

Now that the Mondesi case has reached US media let me introduce you to the case of Dodgers Prospect Willi Aybar, he got robbed by Enrique Cruz, a buscon from the Dominican Republic.

The same with Guerrero, Mondesi salary was frozen by the Pirates, they are following court orders, but now every person here in this country that had young players in their hands will reach some kind of compensation when they make some money, that's fucking absurd!!! These people abuse young players, they take advantage of them, MLB is working here to eradicate such people known here as "buscones" these are the ones that are not affliliated to any MLB club but they offer young players that they can get them signed.

Guerrero claims that he helped Mondesi when he was a rookie, that he gave him money for food and transportation in his rookie year here at the winter league, and Mondesi with big money does not recognize any of this.

Years ago Willi Aybar, the Dodgers prospect was robbed by a Buscon, here's what happened to Willi Aybar


Dominican scout, Enrique Soto for stealing almost half of prospectÂ’s Willy Aybar $1.4 million dollar signing bonus.

Soto is a buscon ("a finder") who looks for young teenagers 13 to 15 years old to develop into big league ball players. The biggest buscones like Soto have their own "mini-camp" where they teach these kids baseball fundamentals with the hope that they will be signed to a big league contract. Soto then gets a small commission on players he recommends that the pros sign.

When young Willy Aybar came along, he hit the motherload. Aybar was in SotoÂ’s camp for a few years and when he turned 16, the minimum age the big leagues can sign a player, the Dodgers signed him to a record signing bonus for a Dominican prospect: $1.4 million dollars. Aybar was raised in poverty, and didnÂ’t know how to write much less that he must sign the back of a check to cash it. Soto convinced Aybar to let him handle the finances and, according to the Post article, cashed the check himself:

"A copy of the canceled check, obtained by The Post, shows two signatures: Willy Aybar's and Enrique Soto's…. Aybar's signature did not appear to match the one on his contract…. Aybar's signature on the check ‘appears to be the same handwriting as the person who signed for Soto.’

"I never signed that check," said Aybar, who had been unaware that a check needed to be endorsed before it could be cashed. "He must have signed it for me."

Aybar's mother, Francia, said Soto gave her a lump-sum payment of 100,000 pesos, about $6,250, and a monthly stipend of less than $2,000. He paid the Philadelphia-based agent who negotiated Aybar's contract $35,000. He allegedly kept the rest, about $430,000, for himself

Asked how much he received from his first bonus check, Aybar replied "Me. Nada."

When asked of Francia AybarÂ’s claim of the "allowance" he had given the family, he replied,

"And how much should I have given her?"

How about all of it, you moron? Thankfully, the Dodgers flew out their Dominican representative to hand deliver the final installment of AybarÂ’s signing bonus. Aybar for his part is reluctant to push the issue of the unreturned money because his younger brother is now in one of SotoÂ’s camps and he fears his "hermanito" wonÂ’t get a chance if he makes an enemy out of Soto. Due to the publicity, Soto has offered a "settlement payment" of $125,000 (of their money) to the Aybar family. Such thievery and chutzpah makes Soto an easy Rocker Winner.

A remarkable 23 percent of players under contract, majors and minors, are from the Dominican Republic. And almost every one of them has to go through a buscon like Soto in this completely unregulated industry. ItÂ’s a shame the PlayersÂ’ Association wonÂ’t make a bigger deal out of this in the upcoming contract negotiations. But they are more concerned with protecting the fat A-Rod contracts than exploited minor leaguers.

Call me idealistic, but arenÂ’t unions supposed to protect the most vulnerable in their profession? Major League Baseball can do its part as well by among other things, make major league contracts the players sign available in Spanish.

Enrique Cruz was voted Rocker of the Week.

After this the next paycheck was delivered directly to Aybay by Luchi Guerra, Dodgers assistant director of minor leagues took it to the hands of Aybar.

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