Saturday, February 12

Odalis Perez wants a new team

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Odalis Perez wants a new team, but don't think
he wants out of LA, he wants to buy Estrellas Orientales in the Dominican

According to some reports Odalis is offering US$ 2.5 millions for the team
and is seeking advice to get into the Baseball Business.

Estrellas has not won a championship in almost 40 years, the team is
located in San Pedro de Macoris, home of Sammy Sosa, Alfonzo Soriano and
former players George Bell and Alfredo Griffin among others.

Odalis is supposed to team with other people from San Pedro de Macoris to
buy the team, he plays with Estrellas in the winter, but he did not played
this season and stayed practicing and resting his left arm to be in shape
for spring training.

Dominican President got together with the players

Leonel Fernandez, Dominican president spent time with Dominican players to
wish them good luck in the upcoming season, among the players were Jose
Offerman, Julio Lugo, Octavio Dotel, Neifi Perez, Jose Guillen, Aramis
Ramirez, Guillermo Mota, Manny Mota, Albert Pujols, Alfredo Griffin,
D'Angelo Jimenez and Odalis Perez.

The President wants to use Baseball and the players as tool for tourism.

Estadio Quisquya to be renovated

Old Estadio Quisqueya will be renovated looking to host MLB games, the seat
will be upgraded from 20,000 to 33,000, the field will renovated, roof for
the bleachers and a hotel will be build around the stadium.

Angels owner talked to the president when Vladimir Guerrero won the MVP and
they talked about bringing the Angels here for practices next year, of
course, that's far away from happening.

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