Tuesday, February 1

Dominican team stuck in the Airport

The Dominican team that is supposed to play Puerto Rico today is still at
the airport waiting to a ride to Mazatlan, Mexico. Apparently the agency
overbooked the play or the players wanted to bring some relatives in the
plane, so the team as this moment is in the airport wainting to fly to

The agency sold 120 seats, the championship was decided on Sunday night,
and on Monday several fan and relatives call to make reservations, but
theplane was full, and at the airport they demanded to be included in the
plane, but regulations prohibited them to overcharge the plane.

Apparently the problem came when the team arrived and wanted to bring some
relatives and fans with them.

At this moment they are making arrangements for a new plane.

More to come later.... posted by e-mail

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Eso solamente le pasa a nuestros equipos, pero que se hace, asi lo tenemos que querer y aplaudir.