Wednesday, February 9

Happy first anniversary to me!

Today, Dominican Players the Blog is one year old, this blog started inspired by the work of Jon at Dodger thoughts, I have to thank him for his support and also Rob at 6-4-2, they helped me in the first days of this project.

I started to write by accident, creating the blog I did not know what name to give the project, I Finally named it Dominican Players.

Thru the season 2004 I tried to cover news and comments about Dominican Players in MLB, some days I only had a few visitors, but other days I had hundreds, specially when Rob or Jon linked to my blog.

receiving mails and comments had been a great experience, knowing that people read what you write is a very satisfying feeling.

When posting, I always make sure not to hurt my credibility, recently I posted about Bartolo Colon weight and I was the center of a controversy in the Angels Forum, Some questioned my credibility and even when posting in the forum they had doubts, It was and awkward feeling for me, It was the first time I saw my name and reputation in jeopardy in a public place.

I've received many satisfactions from this work, the biggest one was writing for Baseball America and Article about Angels prospect Erick Aybar, I had to go to Estadio Quisqueya and make an interview to him, I had butterflies in my stomach, it was my first interview, I was supposed to make a few more interviews but first the bureaucracy to obtain a press credential here and later getting sick prevented me to accomplish that, I thank Kris Kline for giving me the opportunity and for trusting me, the interview might never be published but I felt really good about it and I hope next winter season I can do some work for them as well.

Other satisfaction was to received mails from reporter of the LA Times (not Simers), the OC Register and MLB.COM about my work, knowing these guys read me is great.

Recently my work is on 360ThePitch, I'm covering the NL WEST with a weekly report.

I know I have to improve my English writing, so I'll take English writing and grammar classes soon, also I'm taking a web design class, and by Blog can be reach now in, so soon you'll have a different web site.

Thanks you all for your support, I hope I'll improve everyday to make this site better.


Jon said...

Many congratulations, Raul, from your biggest fan...

Anonymous said...

I truly believe you are great. your friends will be there for you any time. rossy

Edwin R. said...

Saludos Y Felicidades! Estoy aqui para ayudarte si necesitas algo. Solamente me dejas un mesaje en mi Blog o me mandas un email :)

Rob said...

Hey, Jon, I'm taller 'n you! How can you be Raul's biggest fan?