Sunday, October 22

Licey solo in First, Aguilas lost third in a row

Do you remember Jose Lima?, well, he's still pitching and he's doing well, last night he pitched 6 strong inning, 2 of them were perfect but had no desition on the game, Licey finally won the game 4-1 in Santiago, home of Aguilas.

Lima only allowed two hits over six innings, had 5 K's and gave only 2 bb, he left the game winning 1-0, it was Lima time on Santiago last night, he looked very strong.

Brandon Moss hit a HR for the only run of Aguilas in the game, for Licey, Felix Pie had a 2 rbi bases loaded double in the ninth and Jose Bautista had a single in the 8th inning to give Licey a 2-1 lead and finally Pie gave them a 4-1 victory over Aguilas, with the win, Licey is in firt place with a 3-1 record.

Estrellas 5 Escogido 1

Pedro Lopez had 3 rbi's and Fernando Tatis, Yes! That's the same Fernando Tatis, is no mistake, went 4-4, Estrellas rallied in the 8th against Astros' Ezequiel Astacio who took the loss, Escogido made 5 errors in the game and hit only 3 hits.

Notes: Estrellas currently have 1,482 lifetime losses in the Dominican Winter League, and can be the first team to reach the 1,500 loss, Estrellas has not won a championship since, hmmm?!, well, I was not born yet, it was in the late 1950's.

Azucareros 5 Gigantes 4

Juan Senreiso hit a 3run Hr to tie the game 4-4 and Eddy Garabito hit a solo shot in the 8th ti give Azucareros a win over Gigantes on Saturday night.


Licey 3-1
Gigantes 2-2
Escogido 2-2
Azucareros 2-2
Estrellas 2-2
Aguilas 1-3

Today's games

All pitchers are probable, all games are at 5:00pm


J. Weitzel said...

Hey Raul:
Great idea for a site. This will be a useful tool throughout the offseason. Are you planning on following the Dominican Winter League all season? If so, I'd like to put in a request for more on Fabio Castro of the Phillies.

Jason Weitzel

Todd Milligan said...

If you are going to keep up with stats day to day I would like to keep up with Brandon Moss.