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Dominican Winter League update, 10/23 to 10/28

A lot of things had happened since my last update, Escogido ended up winning five in a row, started last sunday against Licey and endep up last night against the same team.

October 22, 2006

Escogido 5 Licey 1

Escogido got his 1,450th victory beating Licey 5-1 ant tying the City Champ at 1, Victor Santos got the win and rookie Tony Peguero took the loss, Shane Costa lead Escogido offensive with with 3 hits, including a double, 1 rbi and 2 R, Enrique Wilson, 2 hits, 2 rbi's and 1 R and Joey Votto got 2 hits and a RBI. The only Licey run came by a James Lonet sacrifice fly inthe third inning, scoring Emilio Bonifacio.

Aguilas 10 Gigantes 9 (10 innings)

A error by Wilson Valdez in the 10th episode gave Aguilas a win 10-9 over Gigantes.

Hector Almonte got the win and Dario Veras took the loss, Kendry Morales had a Hr, 2b and a hit for Gigantes, and Luis Polonia had 2 hits.

For Aguilas pitched Fausto Carmona, Jhonny Cueto, Edward Valdez, Claudio Galvá, Jim Warden and Héctor Almonte.

For Gigantes, went to the box Rafael Pérez, Mártinez Franco, Leoncio Estrella, Juan Pérez, Julio de la Cruz and Franklin Pérez.

October 24, 2006

Escogido 6 Estrellas 1

Jorge de Paula pitched six scoreless innings to be the key player in Escogido victory over Estrellas, with the win Escogido took over the lead of the tournament.

Joey Votto and Enrique Wilson were more notables for Escogido

Aguilas 4 Licey 1

A inspired Aguilas team spoiled the season debut of mets Anderson Hernandez and Napoleon Calzado for Licey, with Dereck Lee on the mount and the bat of Alex Fernandez, The team from Santiago scored 4 runs on the first inning against Jose Jimenez, that were enough to beat Licey. Lee retired at one point of the game 11 consecutive batters.

In the Picture Brandon Moss scores one of Aguilas runs.

October 25, 2006

Licey 7 Gigantes 2

Willy Aybay hit a 3run Hr to help Licey end a loosing streak, Felix Pie and Emilio Bonifacio both had 2 hits, for Licey Evan Mclane started the game and Edward Ramirez, Wilton Chavez, Adalberto Ramirez, Jose Nunez and Mark Alexander followed him.

Box Score

Willy Aybar watch the ball for his Hr.

Estrellas 7 Aguilas 5

Estrellas rallied for five runs in the 6th inning to beat Aguilas, Lenin Picota got the win and Agustin Montero the save, Jared Fernandez took the loss.

Jose Reyes and Eduard Roger with 2b and a single, and Joel Guzman got 2 hits to lead the Estrellas offensive.

For Aguilas Luis Polonia got 2 triples and a single, Tony Batista a Hr, Brandon Moss and Tony Pena Jr double and a hit each.

Escogido 6 Toros 3

Nerio Rodriguez pitched 6 innings with 2 ER to lead Escogido to a 6-3 win over Toros.

Escogido scored 2 runs in the 6th inning with a Shane Costa double.

October 26, 2006

Aguilas 11 Toros 7

Aguilas won 11-7 over Toros, Edwars Valdez won and Ricardo Rodriguez took the loss.

The winners scored four runs in the 4th inning, with Tony Pena Jr with a 2run hit.

Licey 6 Estrellas 3

Felix Pie got 3 hits and four rbi's to lead Licey to a victory over Gigantes, Onelis Perez got the win in relieve and Henry Owens the save.

Escogido 10 Gigantes 4

Escogido rallied for six runs in the first inning and ended up beating Gigantes 10-4, it was Escogido fourth win in a row, Freddy Guzman led the offensive, and Argenis Reyes, Angel Pena and Chris Denorfia got 2 hits each.

Polonia tied Manny Mota triples record

Luis Polonia got his 40th life triple in the DWL to tied with Miguel Dilone, and inning later hit his 41 to tie Manny Mota.

October 27, 2006

Escogido 5 Toros 0

Angel Pena hit 2 hr to lead Escogido offensive, it was 5th consecutive win for Escogido, Peter Munro got the win.

Estrellas Aguilas

Three Estrellas pitchers combined to beat Aguilas and Jose Lima had to put his dirty mouth someplace else, Radhamés Liz pitched four innings, Ronny Martinez followed him and Jailen Peguero pitched the last two innings.

Lima pitched six innings with 9h, 3er and a SO.

October 28, 2006

Licey 6 Escogido 4

Arizona prospect, Emilio Bonifacio got a 2rbi single that ended up to decisive to Licey win over Escogido, with the win Licey is half game behind Escogido. James Loney got a rbi double and Felix Pie a 2rbi double.

Licey got a good effort from lefty Carlos Perez, who got the win, Wilton Chavez followed him and Henry Owens got his third save. Ubaldo Jimenez started the game for Licey.

Gigantes 3 Aguilas 2

Jose Capellan made his debut and had a pitching duel with Fausto Carmona for five innings

Toros 9 Estrellas 1

Nelson Figueroa pitched six strong innings and allowed only 3hits, Luis Terrero hit a Hr and a double for 4 rbi's, to help Estrellas beat Toros 9-1.

Matt kemp made his debut for Estrellas.

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