Friday, February 20

Who is Francis Beltran?

He beat Dodgers Guillermo Mota and Giants Felix Rodriguez for the Closer job for National and Caribbean Champions Licey Tigers.
Watching him pitched reminds of Erik Gagne, of course, there's no comparison...

Cubs Fans, follow him...

Francis Beltran is a 25 years old rookie from the Dominican Republic, Beltran pitch for the Cubs, he pitched last year mostly in triple A for the Chicago Cubs, but what I really want you to know is about his performance in the Winter League.

Beltran belongs in the Dominican Republic to the Licey Tigers the National and Caribbean Champions, Licey was building the team and had a bullpen that any MLB Team only dreams to have, they had Dodgers Guillermo Mota , Giants Felix Rodriguez, Tampa Gorge Sosa and Cubs Francis Beltran.

By the end of December manager Manny Acta thought he will use Francis Beltran and Guillermo Mota as set-up’s man, and Felix Rofriguez as the closer, but Mota and Rodriguez delay their debut to the final days of December, so Beltran had to jump up to be the teams closer after an injury Licey closer Julio Manon, Beltre finished strong and when Giants Felix Rodriguez was in shape the manager designed him as the team closer, putting Mota and Beltre as set up man’s. Beltre did not like that and he quit the team but he made his mind and return to the team the next day beginning his great performance.

By the end of the regular season Beltre won the closer spot over Mota and Rodriguez and became a great attraction to the fans, imaging having to face Guillermo Mota in the 7th, Felix Rodriguez in the 8th and then Francis Beltran in the 9th, it was really hard for the other teams.

In the Finals Licey won in 5 games and Beltre did not allow any runs in 2 games, but he was greater in Caribbean World Series where he won the Series MVP by saving 3 games of the 6 won by Dominican Republic, and winning 1, so he had a decision in 4 of the six games, and 1 of them was won in extra innings, he just allow 3 hits, walked 1 and had 6 K’s.

Cubs fans, keep an eye on him in spring training.

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He still being a wonderful player at his 29 years old. His life has been tough even he is a very happy father...I wish him the best now that he is playing for the Mexican League...As a human been I only can tell that he is one of the most wonderful persons that I've ever met. When he hates you, he REALLY hates you...But when he LOVES you he gives you his heart. I thank the Lord above I have the oportunity to meet him and today consider him as my best friend ever. God Bless you...JTAB