Wednesday, November 12

Manny will stay with Dodgers, according to local website

According to local website Impacto Deportivo Manny Ramirez will stay with LA and will make it official this Friday after returning from Brasil.

"This wednesday was informed to Impacto Deportivo that Ramirez had already decided with the Dodgers", said the local website.

"Ramirez is on vacation in Brasil and as soon as he returns this friday will make his deal official, tha last offer from the Dodgers was 15.0 millions for 2009, 22.5 for 2010 and 27.5 for 2011, but this offer will be improved, why? Manny wants the Dodgers and the Dodgers want Manny".

Well, I personally don't give any credit to this report from this source, sometimes they make big impact with news from Dominican Players because the good relations they have with them, but in this case I'm sure they are wrong.

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