Saturday, April 12

Trying to Keep up

I've been away from blogging for a while, a lot happened in my absence, Winter Baseball ended, the mitchell report was on the news, Dominican Republic threatened not to attend the the 2009 baseball classic, yeah right, the 2008 season started, and of course, the Dodgers are struggling... no surprise there.


Marc said...

Hola mi amigo.

Estoy alegre ver que usted blogging otra vez.

Me llamo Marc y soy de

Great to see you back here.

Sorry on my Spanish - I'm still learning the language in High School.

marco werman said...

Well, I just googled "latin baseball blog" and got this. Admittedly, you haven't blogged for awhile, but that's OK. Who's keeping score anyway? (Don't answer that question...everyone is). I write as a radio journalist who is curious about the latin music different players (esp. latinos) choose to crank over the PA system when they walk up to bat. I was fascinated when I went to see the Red Sox recently the tunes Lugo and Ramirez chose. I hope you may know someone who keeps tabs on this.