Sunday, February 5

Trying to keep up

Some old news that you might already knew, writing had been very difficult in the last couple of months, but some interesting happened while I was away.

First Licey won their 19th championship over an superior Aguilas team who had players such as Miguel Tejada, Willy Mo Peña, Victor Diaz on their rosters, but the bog difference for Licey was the work of two young players, Angels Erick Aybar and Mets Anderson Hernandez, Hernandez started the season on the bench, but eventually gained the 2b position, and at the end of the regular season was replaced by Luis Castillo, who in the last game was hit by a pitch in the right foot and Hernandez took back his position driving a triple that started a winning rally giving Licey a ticket to the Finals to face Aguilas.

Aguilas was the favorite to win the best of five series, Licey won the first game, and then Aguilas won the next two putting Licey behind 1-2, but Licey tied the series and never looked back, one great experience for me was to watch Jose Lima take a beat and arguing with Aguilas Manager Felix Fermin when he tried to pull him out.

Finally Won the series 5-2 and begunarrangementss to travel to Venezuela to avoid last year experience of getting late to the tournament.

So now Venezuela is leading the series after yesterday win over the Dominican Republic.

So, more updates later.

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